Istanbul Fellowship Portal Has Been Opened

Istanbul Fellowship Program which held between 03-05 March has opened its portal on the website. The program got together approximately 250 publishers from 53 countries and now aims to extend B2B meetings all the year. 

Program attendees came together in Istanbul Grand Cevahir Hotel between 03-05 March 2020 and made B2B meetings all 3 days along. They made appointments via website before the program and they made thousands meetings.

Istanbul Fellowship Program is an important step to make Istanbul a copyright and publishing center, and also is important for Turkish and World publishers because of being collected the publishers all around the world. To ensure its place and make publishers able to meet not just for 3 days but for the all year along, the portal has been opened.

Nearly a thousand publishers from all around the world will be able to continue to contact with each other at will. Besides they can see enrolled Turkish publishers’ book via TURLA website.