Turkish Literature Will Be Read In 53 Countries!

Istanbul Fellowship (International Istanbul Professional Publishing Meetings), which brings together publishers from all over the world, was held for the fifth time with the highest participation. The program, which brings the publishing world to Istanbul for 3 days, is on the way to become one of the important organizations of the world.

In order to make Istanbul a copyright and translation market, 5th Istanbul Fellowship Program, organized since 2016, was held by Turkish Press and Publishers Copyright & Licensing Society. The program, which hosted 245 publishers from 53 countries this year, has reached the highest number of participants in this respect. Representatives of the publishing houses, agencies and editors from around the world had the opportunity to B2B meetings for 3 days. 85 publishing houses and agencies from Turkey participated in the program. 2039 bilateral meetings were held during 3-4-5 March 2020 and nearly 1000 pre-contracts were signed. In this respect, the organization reached the highest number of years when the book was exchanged the most.

Two Important Seminars Were Held This Year

This year, two important seminars were held at Fellowship. Presidency Culture and Art Policy Member İskender Pala, YAYFED Chairman Münir Üstün, Press and Publishing Union Chairman Emrah Kısakürek discussed Turkish literature in world publishing, in International Journey of Turkish Literature and Publishing seminar moderated by Dr. Muhammed Ağırakça.

Another important seminar was the one titled "The Position of Women Entrepreneurs and Managers in the Publishing Sector and Cultural Economy" where only women were speakers. During the seminar directed by TURCA General Coordinator Esra Ceceli, Deputy General Manager of Copyright Fatoş Altunç said that Istanbul Fellowship is important in bringing people from different cultures and business world together. Altunç stated that the event, which provides opportunities for cross-border collaborations, will make important contributions to making Istanbul a copyright center and the development of the publishing world.

Gigi Ishmael, New York-based The Ishmael Tree Publishing House Representative, said that women are involved in many areas, "People must see that women are the backbone of this industry." Noting the importance of diversity in the industry, Ishmael noted that more variety of books are needed for diversity and people do not want to see the same stories all the time.

Lebanese-based Asala Publishing Representative Shereen Kreidieh said that most of the writers in the Arab world are women. Mentioning the publishing activities in the Arab countries and the difficulties they faced while publishing in the Arab world, Kreidieh said, "The Arabic language taught in the school that is written is different from the Arabic language spoken."

Erdem Publishing Group Editor in Chief Melike Günyüz said ; "In Turkey, maybe in the world, if we remove the women readers, nothing remains to be published. There is no one to produce content if you remove women publishers." 

Istanbul connects not only continents but also publishers

The program, jointly organized by Republic of Turkey Culture and Tourism Ministry and Turkish Press and Publishers Copyright & Licensing Society, is raising its targets each year. Bringing together participants from all regions of the world, from Latin America to the Far East, the program is a candidate to be among the world's leading organizations such as London, Frankfurt and Bologna. On behalf of the promotion of Istanbul and Turkey, opening the door in terms of finding its place in the international arena, the publishing program is expected to be one of the world's most prestigious organizations in the upcoming years.