Turla Team

Esra Ceceli has studied business management in Boğaziçi University. She took her postgraduate from Royal Melbourne Instıtute Of Technology University in virtual communication. Ceceli worked for TRT (Turkish Radio and Television Corporation) as general coordinator and Istanbul Municipality as cultural activities manager. She is now general coordinator in Turkish Culture Abroad and Turkish Literature Abroad projects.
M. Murtaza OZEREN
Murtaza Ozeren studied Turkish Literature in 29 Mayis University. He has been working as editor and translator in publishing sector since 2012. From the beginning 2020, Ozeren has worked for TURLA project.
Elif Şentürk Gül was born in Kocaeli in 1992. In 2015, she graduated from Marmara University Political Science Faculty Public Administration in French. She started her graduate study at Marmara University Social Science Institute in the Program of  Global Cities and İstanbul Researches in the same year. She continues her second undergraduate study which she started at Doğuş University Faculty of Law in 2018. Between 2014-2019, she worked in the Middle East Development Network Corporation [MDN] which is the international public administration consulting company as firstly an administrative assistant and after an executive manager. She represented the MDN in Turkish Press and Publishers Copyright & Licensing Society Board and she worked voluntarily in the organization of the 2. Istanbul Fellowship Program. She got the work the TURCA (Turkish Culture Abroad) which is the joint project of TBYM and Association of Press and Publishing (BYB) as the Project Manager. In this context, she is working on the project of TURLA (Turkish Literature Abroad) and the Istanbul Fellowship Program. She knows good command of English and French and beginner Arabic.